Creative Cookies

Last Christmas we made cookies.
As usual.
Christmas without cookies would be a very strange, not to mention tragic, thing. Perhaps you find this materialistic. But it’s really nostalgic.
And also they taste good.
But I digress.
Anyone who has made cookies knows that there are those cookies that turn out beautifully perfect.
And there are those that…
We were making simple round sugar cookies.
Only some of them were not round.
Looking at the pan, ready to go in the oven, you could see a line of satisfyingly shaped cookies. Perfectly uniform and-
Then you come across a misshapen thing with one side squished in, the other all lumpy.
This cookie is not right.
It does not fit the qualifications.
It does not fit in.
We laughed about it.
We then dubbed it the creative cookie.
And do you know what?
There was more than one.
All spread out across the five or so pans.
The creative cookies were not alone.
But they didn’t know that.
They’re lying flat on the pan and all they can see is the perfect cookies around them. They think they’re just a blemish on the pan.
Do you know what’s even crazier?
Sometimes two creative cookies are right next to each other, but they both have their good sides facing the other one, so they don’t even realize.
Can you see where this is going?

There is a poem by Shel Silverstein called Masks.


Don’t you see?!
It’s the cookies!

So, I’m an actor. I come from a family of actors.
My cousin is (as I once said) “Three years my senior, ten times my consequence, and far beyond reckoning in everything else.”
Actually she kind of put the words in my mouth.
But anyway.
She has a gorgeous voice. She is a wonderful actress.
The other night my mother said “She’s been really insecure about her acting for the past few years.”
Insecure? Really?
She’s so confident. So amazing.
I’m the one that no one will notice. I’m the one who won’t be missed if I’m not there. She is insecure?!
Just last night I heard another cousin say the same thing.

I’m so blind.
I’m a cookie.
We all are.
When am I ever going to get it into my head?
Everyone has insecurities. Weaknesses. Vulnerabilities.
Everyone’s human.
Everyone’s a cookie.


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