Ellusive Inspiration

I have plenty of feelings. Vague emotional concepts. There are glimpses of characters and hints of scenes.
All these things flit about in my mind, distracting me from whatever task is at hand. I feel compelled to pursue these snatches of story. Every time one alights on my mind I must fight the urge to drop everything, forget responsibility, and study it. I force myself to concentrate on my duties, reassuring myself by saying once I’ve finished I can make a focused study of them. Then I can channel all my energy into my pen and bring all these ideas into sight.
The trouble is, they are shy things. They traverse my mind at ease when my attention is bent elsewhere, but when I turn on them, they shrink under my gaze. They flee, seeking some hidden place where they won’t be caught.
For that is exactly what I intend to do. My object is to catch these elusive things and constrain them between lines of a page.
But these things are wild and will not be caged.