In all the days,
And all the nights,
The desperation
Fears and frights,
There is one day
Above them all
The strikes man’s heart
And bids him fall

Down it drags him
To the depths
That mire of anguish
And labored breaths
The day that never
Shall be surpassed
That day you feel
Must be your last-

And yet, it ends
This cursed day
And still you live
Survive the fray
So don’t despair
And trust you may
Survive this dreaded


Writers Dilemma

I actually wrote something the other day.

Progress is a rare and wonderful thing.

I wrote an entire three page scene about a character whose story I’ve been working on for…. maybe two years?

I was feeling very proud.

Of course, I wasn’t about to go back and READ what I’d just written.

That way I could go to bed feeling like it was amazing.

I wasn’t going to risk discovering how cringe-worthy it actually was.

So I went to bed.

I woke the next morning to find a note on the computer from my character.

It read as follows:

“Please rip that thing you wrote about me yesterday to shreds and incinerate it. Stop making me look pathetic.”