They needed an actor.

They found me.

I stunned them. I was miraculous. I could take on any identity they threw at me. Even though they knew I was acting, they found it hard to believe it wasn’t real. I was so convincing.

And I could change so rapidly.

One moment I could cower in fear, the next I could laugh at them scornfully.

So they recruited me.

I became their star pupil.

I was to act constantly, even when I wasn’t working. I must stay in practice.

The others weren’t sure what to make of me. They couldn’t tell what I was. They hardly saw me the same twice.

No one got very close to me. I’m not easy to get close to.

I’m hard to find.

I excelled at the work.

The others began to hate me. I was so much more successful than they were.

I tried acting humble and kind. They almost bought it. It certainly seemed sincere. But they had long since ceased to really trust anything I did.

So I gave that up.

I tried arrogance. Not caring what anyone said or did. Not caring about anyone.

I tried a recluse.

I took on countless masks.

My work and my life were one and the same.

Then one day I realized I had to stop.

I had to just be myself for once.

But as soon as I made the decision, I was terrified.

Because I couldn’t remember who I was.